Employee Contact List

Administrative Staff
Dean Conklin, Ed.D. Executive Director dean@frostig.org
Chris Schnieders, Ph.D. Research Director chris@frostig.org
Giovanni Delgado Director of Finance and Operations giovanni@frostig.org
Johnny Manuel Senior Accountant johnny@frostig.org
Mark Holmes Site Administrator mark@frostig.org
Yuki Jimbo Development Director yuki@frostig.org
Sarah Krupczak Development Coordinator sarah@frostig.org
Joan Goulding Grants and Communications Manager joan.g@frostig.org
Susie Hartley P/T Conf / Data Coordinator susie@frostig.org
Karen Hayzlett Front Office Manager karen@frostig.org
Gerrie Raven Front Office Staff gerrie@frostig.org
Lorena Bunting Human Resources lorena@frostig.org
School Administration
Jenny Janetzke, M.A.  Head of School  jenny@frostig.org
Jacquie Knight, M.A.  IEP Administrator  jackykn@frostig.org
Jessica Gatlin  Administrative Assistant  jessica.g@frostig.org
Teaching Staff
Elementary Teachers and Assistants
Maureen Bennett, B.A. Teacher maureen.l@frostig.org
Jose Jimenez Teaching Assistant jose.j@frostig.org
Mary Frances Goodwin, B.A. Teacher maryfg@frostig.org
Ayodele Steward, B.A. Teaching Assistant ayodele.s@frostig.org
Middle School Teachers and Assistants
Janet Dang, M.A. Teacher janet@frostig.org
Lee Fox, M.A. Teacher leef@frostig.org
Danyelle Rucker, M.A. Teacher danyelle@frostig.org
Catherine Miller, M.A. Teacher catherine@frostig.org
Emilee Crumrine, B.S. Teaching Assistant emilee@frostig.org
Courtney Sweet, B.A. Teaching Assistant courtney@frostig.org
Tiffany Aluko, B.A. Teaching Assistant tiffany@frostig.org
Trixie Aquino, B.A. Teaching Assistant trixie@frostig.org
Secondary School Teachers and Assistants
Gail Sharp, M.A. Teacher gail.s@frostig.org
Marianne Manuel, M.A. Teacher marianne@frostig.org
Jason Carpenter, B.A. Teacher jason@frostig.org
Jay Carlton, M.A. Teacher jay@frostig.org
Penni Moulten Teaching Assistant penni@frostig.org
Pam Vela Teaching Assistant pamv@frostig.org
Suzette Peter, B.A. Teaching Assistant suzette@frostig.org
Melissa Flores Teaching Assistant melissa.f@frostig.org
Special Subjects
Christina Harris, B.A. Drama Instructor christinah@frostig.org
Dee Vela, B.A. Transition Services diana@frostig.org
Provider/Testing Coordinator
Helen Overstreet, M.A. Librarian helen@frostig.org
Jessica Monares-Jimenez Art Instructor jessica.m@frostig.org
Dimitri Peterson, M.A. PE Instructor/AMASE Coach dimitri.p@frostig.org
Monica Gomez, M.A. Social Skills Coordinator monica@frostig.org
Rich Dembowski Music Instructor rich@frostig.org
Rick Benavides, B.A. Computer Instructor rick.b@frostig.org
Jennifer Quirina-White, LCSW Post-Secondary Planning/Transition Coordinator jennifer@frostig.org
Marilyn Nerenberg, B.A. Educational Therapist, ET/P mnerenberg@frostig.org
Michelle Hurt, Ph.D. Educational Therapist michelle@frostig.org
Toni Shahak, M.A. Speech & Language Therapist toni@frostig.org
Margaret Briggs, Ph.D. Speech & Language Therapist margaret.b@frostig.org
Jacqui Boone, M.A. Speech & Language Therapist Jacqui.b@frostig.org
Jennifer Stokely Jones OTD, OTR/L jen@centerfordevelopingkids.com
Lisa Kay Ph.D. Psychotherapist lisak@frostig.org
Tomoko Misawa M.F.T. Psychotherapist tomoko@frostig.org
Consultation and Education Department
Roberta J. Goldberg, Ph.D. Consultation and Education roberta@frostig
Linda Barker, M.A. Early Childhood Education linda@frostig.org
Andrea Lombardi, B.A. Educational Specialist andrea@frostig.org
Beverlee Paine, M.A. Educational Specialist beverlee@frostig.org
Jean Peterson Business Coordinator jean@frostig.org