Our Research

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“So the words from the past do not haunt me anymore. Bright, talented, artistic, compassionate, honest, mature, polite; these are the words I carry with me now… Knowledge is what I gained and continue to seek. It is my strength.”

— Frostig Graduate

The Frostig Center has always been committed to finding ways to help people with learning disabilities live satisfying and rewarding lives.


Through the years, we have:

  • Developed diagnostic assessment instruments
  • Created curriculum to help children with learning disabilities
  • Improved diagnostic and instructional services for individuals with learning disabilities
  • Conducted follow-up studies that identified predictors of success for individuals with learning disabilities
  • Conducted research on the use of technology to compensate for learning disabilities
  • Conducted research on the development of cognitive processes and academic growth of children with learning disabilities


Beginning in the 1980s, we conducted one of the longest longitudinal research studies in the field of learning disabilities. This 20-year project explored the factors that play a role in success for people with learning disabilities. We published our results in peer-reviewed journals and presented at numerous conferences. To see articles related to this research, look in our publications section.


For a number of years, our research staff vigorously explored assistive technology and the ways it could be used to help individuals with learning disabilities compensate for their difficulties. For assistive technology-related articles, see our publications section.


The information that our research yields is circulated back into all areas of The Frostig Center. It is also shared through publications and presentations at local, national and international conferences.


The Frostig Research Department is recognized and respected by professionals around the world for its leadership in the field of learning disabilities.


To contact our Research Department, please email Chris Schnieders at Chris@frostig.org.