Early Childhood Education

Do you want to provide a high-quality Early Childhood Education program?
Are you looking for stimulating staff development that engages your staff in new practices?
Do you have a particular child that is proving frustrating for your staff?


Our ECE professionals have assisted many Early Childhood Education providers to create and/or maintain a high-quality program by providing these services:


Professional Development

  • Integrating Children with Special Needs into your Preschool Program
  • Language Development and Delays
  • Early Warning Signs for Learning Difficulties
  • Evaluating and Managing Children with Behavior Difficulties
  • Building Effective Parent-Teacher Partnerships
  • ADD / ADHD in Early Childhood
  • Benefits of Outdoor Play Spaces for Children’s Development
  • What Teachers Need to Know about Autism and/or Sensory Integration Disorders
  • Establishing and Maintaining a Child Study Team at Your Center


Parent Education

  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Effective Parent – Teacher Partnerships
  • Helping Children Solve Problems Constructively


Consultation Services when children are experiencing developmental, emotional or behavioral difficulties

  • Onsite-suite observations/evaluations
  • Staff feedback to help them better serve a child experiencing these difficulties
  • Parent feedback to help them understand their child’s issues and seek appropriate support
  • Resource recommendation (e.g. speech and language therapy, floor time therapy, psychological counseling)


For further information, including pricing and scheduling, please contact our ECE specialist, Linda Barker at 626-791-1255, ext 216 or lindab@frostig.org