Teacher and Administrative Programs


We offer a wide range of professional development programs for teachers and administrators. The following provides you with the information on our various programs:


Professional Development Institutes


For administrators, teachers, teams of teachers and other staff.


Interested in brushing up on your classroom practices?

Need to learn some new strategies for helping your students achieve success?


We offer Institutes that have been developed using research-based materials, and, as such, meet the criteria for federal NCLB funding.


All programs are conducted in a small group atmosphere, allowing for extensive personal attention and grade-alike conversations.


Trading Failure for Success

For Kindergarten – 12th grade teachers, administrators, psychologists, tutors, youth organization leaders


Success is more than academic. Explore the research from Frostig’s 20-year longitudinal study and gain new insight for helping children become successful in school and life. Learn activities to embed the 6 Success Attributes (Self Awareness, Proactivity, Perseverance, Goal Setting, Support Systems and Emotional Coping Strategies) into your existing curriculum, attach to a character education program or build your own program from scratch to foster the development of these critical attributes.


For additional information contact Jean Petersen at 626-791-1255, ext 217 or

Cultivating K-6th Grade Readers

For Kindergarten – 6th grade teachers, administrators, tutors, RSP staff
3 CEU units available through Cal State LA


Whether you’ve been teaching 30 years or only just started, join us to be reenergized, refreshed and reminded why you chose teaching as your profession. Teachers love this Institute!Intensive five-day Institute focused on helping teachers build a strong literacy program, especially helpful for students struggling with grade-level proficiency or second-language learners. Strategies are applicable for any language arts curriculum.


Curriculum Modules:

  • Foundations of Literacy
  • Instructional Strategies for Decoding & Reading Comprehension
  • Assessment & Diagnostic Tools & Techniques
  • Grouping for Reading Instruction
  • Curriculum Modifications for Struggling Learners
  • Organizing for Instruction


For additional information contact Jean Petersen at 626-791-1255, ext 217 or

Math Workshop: Effective Instruction for the Struggling Learner

For Kindergarden – 5th grade teachers


Fridays, January 17 & March 14, 2014 8:30AM – 3PM
$40 per person materials fee
(program generously underwritten by a grant from the Edison Foundation)


This two-day seminar provides teachers with strong knowledge, skills and strategies to teach math skills to at-risk students. Curriculum includes hands-on activities, demonstration lessons and guided practice.

Content is designed to be used with any math curriculum; you have the chance to engage with other teachers in exploring multiple ways to make math concepts stick for those students who find math challenging.


Curriculum Modules:

  • Conceptual Knowledge
  • Factual Knowledge
  • Procedural Knowledge
  • Assessment Tools
  • Strategies for Struggling Learners


For more information about this program contact Jean Petersen at 626-791-1255, ext 217 or

Getting It: Academic Success for Middle/Secondary Students

For 6th – 9th grade teachers, administrators, tutors, RSP staff
2 CEU units available through Cal State LA


Do you find working with adolescents frustrating? Here’s a program offering new strategies to turn those days in your classroom into rewarding experiences. So, whether you teach language arts, math, science, computers or any other subject, you will benefit from the information and experience of this Institute.


This Institute offers practical classroom strategies applicable for all content areas to improve academic success. Information is presented in manageable chunks with many opportunities for discussion and practice in content area groups. Brain breaks and hands-on activities to use with students are woven throughout. Teachers leave with a multitude of easy-to-implement strategies to meet the needs of the wide range of learners in their classrooms.


Curriculum Modules:

  • Typical & Atypical Adolescent Development
  • Understanding Struggling Learners
  • Effective Instructional Strategies & Interventions
  • Balanced Approach to Assessment
  • Fostering Success Attributes


For additional information contact Jean Petersen at 626-791-1255, ext 217 or