Our Staff

Roberta J. Goldberg, Ph.D.
Licensed Developmental Psychologist with 35
years of experience consulting with schools,
teachers and parents concerning children’s
learning needs.


Beverlee Paine, M.A.
Educational Consultant with over 20 years of
experience as a classroom teacher, professional
development curriculum writer and presenter.


Linda Barker, M.A.
Early Childhood Education Specialist with
over 30 years experience as center director,
pre-school teacher, ECE consultant and staff
development presenter.


Andrea Lombardi, B.A.
Educational Specialist with over 30 years of
experience as a classroom teacher, school
principal and professional development


Rae McCormick, Ed.D.
Professor Emeritus of Department of
Education and Director of Teacher Training;
Occidental College; consultant to BTSA for
Induction Standards with 40 years of
experience in education.


Jean Petersen, B.S.

Department Coordinator, handles administrative

functions for the department.