School Consultations

Do you have a student struggling to maintain grade-level proficiency but can’t pinpoint a reason?

Are you frustrated that your current instructional strategies can’t seem to help those struggling learners?

Do you need help communicating with parents about a child’s special needs and/or where to find the right resources for those needs?


We assist school staff in identifying the underlying reasons a student is struggling in school and how best to intervene. This service can help students succeed in their current school setting as well as provide teachers with new insight into learning differences and instructional strategies to meet the needs of the range of learners in their classroom.


A typical package of services includes:

  • On-site classroom observation, informal assessment, academic work evaluation
  • Staff feedback, including specific strategies to implement
  • Parent feedback connecting families to additional resources if appropriate (e.g. speech and language therapy, tutoring, educational therapy, psychological counseling, etc.)


For further information, including pricing, please contact Jean Petersen at 626-791-1255, ext 217 or