Success Attributes

Success is more than academics.


Are you concerned about the future success for students struggling in your class?
Would you like to add a research-based social/emotional learning component to your
existing academic program?
As a parent, are you concerned about whether your child will find success in his/her adult


The Frostig Center’s 20-year longitudinal study identified six attributes which supported students’ striving for success in school and life. We offer staff development for schools or organizations and presentations to parent groups eager to learn strategies which foster the development of these critical attributes in youth.


Success Attributes - Self Awareness, Proactivity, Perseverance, Goal Setting, Support Systems, Emotional Coping Strategies



We can help you learn how to infuse these attributes into your existing curriculum, attach to an existing character education program or build your own program from scratch.


We have assisted numerous schools (public, private and parochial) across the nation in implementing a Success Attributes program at their sites. If you would like more information on Success Attributes for your school or organization, please contact Jean Petersen at 626-791-1255, ext 217 or email


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